As 2028 Strategy, we have determined a comprehensive road map to shape the future and ensure sustainable success. In this strategy, we aim to focus primarily on the following key areas:


Our 2028 Strategy

Global Leadership

AKPA Kimya aims to maintain its leading position in the global market, specializing in organic peroxides, initiators, accelerators and paint driers. It will continue to be a recognized and preferred brand in the industry, leading the composite and petrochemical industries worldwide.

Innovation and R&D

The Company aims to increase its competitive advantage by continuing its investments in R&D, following the innovations in the sector and developing special products in line with customer needs.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

AKPA Kimya aims to lead in sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of its products and production processes. It will develop various sustainability strategies in this direction.

Digital Transformation and Technological Investments

The Company plans to optimize its processes and strengthen customer relations through digital transformation strategies. It aims to provide technological advantage by creating a more efficient business structure.

Customer Satisfaction and Strengthening Relationships

In order to increase customer satisfaction, AKPA Kimya will continue to provide solutions for fast delivery, technical support and special requests. In addition, it will develop new marketing strategies that will focus on expanding its customer base.

Innovation and Sales Strategies

The company will continue its innovation strategies by introducing new products and services to increase its competitive advantage and expand its customer base. In addition, it aims to gain an effective position in the Sunday by developing different marketing and sales strategies.

Compliance with Industry Standards

AKPA Kimya is committed to maintaining its compliance with industry standards and regulations. It will adapt to the changes in the sector quickly and will continue to hold a leading position.

Talent Development and Human Resources

The company plans to strengthen its internal capabilities and areas of expertise by increasing its efforts to find and develop qualified personnel.

AKPA Kimya, which has a wide product range in the chemical industry, provides fast and short product supply to the whole world, especially Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, thanks to its strategic geographical location.

Today, AKPA Kimya regularly exports to more than 75 countries, and the ratio of its foreign sales to total sales exceeds 75%.