Exceed the limits in your sailing experiences! With Akpa Sailing, every journey turns into an adventure blended with maritime knowledge.

AKPA Sailing is a journey that offers unforgettable experiences for sailing enthusiasts. We invite everyone who wants to discover freedom with the dance of the wind to a safe and enjoyable sea adventure. Feel the peace and freedom on the blue waters by setting our sails.


The AKPA Sailing Team team started participating in the races with the MAT 1070 boat in 2019.

Although we could only participate in three races with our boat that landed on the water in September 2019 in the first year, we came second in the TORK Trophy in our second year. In our third year, we won many races and finished the TORK Trophy at the top.


In 2023, our new boat AKPA Chemicals II J-111 boat took its place in Kalamis Marina.

In our first race we participated with our new boat, we completed the TORK HDI Insurance Cup with the first place.