Paint Industry Applications

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Paint Industry Applications

Although they are used in small amounts in the paint, they are very important parameters.

The role of desiccants in drying is to accelerate reactions. Desiccants are mostly metallic structures that accelerate the drying and hardening of films when applied to drying and semi-drying oils or resins, paints and varnishes that contain them in their structure. The drying of unsaturated fatty acids occurs by auto oxidation.

Unsaturated fatty acids form hydroperoxides and peroxides with the oxygen of the air. These in turn decompose to form free radicals, which react with each other to form three-dimensional cross-links to form a high molecular structure and a dry film.

Desiccants are products of organic acids containing 7-18 carbons with metals. Many metals are used in various ways to aid drying. Primary desiccants such as Co (cobalt), Mn (manganese) are used to ensure active drying, while others are Ca (calcium), Pb (lead), Zr (zirconium), Zn (zinc), St (Strontium) and Ba (Barium) metal desiccants, which are less effective but increase drying and film properties when used with primary desiccants. Desiccants are used as a mixture according to the desired property.

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Paint Industry Applications

Paint Industry Applications

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