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Logistics, defined as the delivery of the right product, in the right quantity, under the right conditions, at the right place and time, at an acceptable cost, is one of the most important units of AKPA Kimya.

Our Logistics Procedure



AKPA Kimya Logistics procedure includes the necessary steps and precautions for the safe transportation and storage of Organic Peroxides.


Organic peroxides are organic compounds with -O-O- bond structure and are chemical compounds that should be handled with care due to their reactive properties.


Organic peroxides are thermally unstable and can degrade more or less severely depending on the temperature of the material. Important temperature parameters such as control temperature, emergency temperature and transportation temperature are important parameters in the storage and transportation of Organic Peroxides.


Properties and packaging guidelines for the safe packaging of organic peroxides; UN certified packaging, bulk materials, labeling requirements and palletizing recommendations,


A set of measures to be taken for the safe loading and unloading of organic peroxides, including standard precautions, high stack plans and compliance with control and recording requirements along the transport chain,


To comply with the special materials required for temperature-controlled and uncontrolled transport for land and sea transportation,


Regular inspection and monitoring of containers carrying organic peroxide; adhering to the steps required to ensure proper temperature control throughout a transportation chain,


Minimizing the temporary storage of organic peroxides and ensuring appropriate storage conditions,


To comply with the precautions to be taken in emergency situations related to organic peroxides and the procedures to be followed in emergency situations,


Ensuring the training and continuity of personnel training on the safe transportation and storage of organic peroxides


AKPA Kimya has a wide range of products in the chemical industry and thanks to its strategic geographical location, it supplies products to the whole world, especially Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, in a fast and short time.

Today, AKPA Kimya regularly exports to more than 75 countries and its international sales account for more than 75% of total sales.